Differences between Lace Closure and Lace Frontal


Lace closure hair pieces are unique blend between a partial wig and sew-on extensions. It is usually used for sew in applications or installs. If placed properly just behind the hairline, it can allow the wearer to wear a full weave with no hair left out while giving the appearance of a natural scalp area. Matching the closure with the wearer's hair type and color is the key to a natural, flattering look.



Lace Frontal is meant to be bonded in place. Like a lace front wig, a lace frontal piece has a realistic hairline which is meant to mimic hair growing from the scalp. When bonded along the hairline correctly, they achieve just this affect. Available in a range of styles, hair types and colors, lace fronts feature a thin, transparent piece of lace mesh around the hairline, attached to a wig made from synthetic or human hair.


Lace Closures do not run temple to temple. Instead they are placed in the "horseshoe" area at the top of a weave to close off the style. Nevertheless, lace frontals have a temple to temple hairline and they cover a larger area than lace closure.


Lace closure can be attached by clips and installed by bonding. However, sewing the closure and installing the rest of the weave around the closure is the most popular method. Wearers can be left out near the perimeter of the front edge of the closure, depending on the style.


Like lace closure, lace frontals can also be attached by clips and installed by bonding. But most wearers choose the method for a lace frontal involves sewing down the back of the frontal and using a bonding agent to glue the front hairline down. None of the wearers own hair will be left out in a bonded lace frontal installation as the piece is meant to create a natural hairline. If the frontal is fully sewn or clipped, some of the wearer's hairline could be left out, and the unit installed just behind the hairline.

Depending on the quality of hair, cap construction and care, good lace closures can last 3-5 years, poorer ones 3-12 months. Lace frontals can last 3-13 months.


You can choose lace closure or frontal according to your favor.

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